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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is your school accredited? 

The Esthetic Institute is Nationally accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences, Inc (NACCAS). The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences is recognized by the United States Department of Education as a national accrediting agency for postsecondary schools and departments of cosmetology arts and sciences,and massage therapy.

The Esthetic Institute is licensed to operate by the:Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) Commonwealth of Virginia

The Esthetic Institute is certified to operate an institution of postsecondary education by:State Council for Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV) 

The Esthetic Institute is Accredited by Comité International d'Esthétique et de Cosmétologie (CIDESCO) which entitles us to offer students the opportunity of sitting for the CIDESCO International examination.

What job opportunities will I have after I finish a program at EI?

The opportunities are endless when you finish one of the Courses that we offer. And this Industry is continously growing. Some of the jobs include: 
Beauty Consultant,Beauty Technologist,Educator,Esthetician,Make-up Artist,Manicurist, Salon Manager,Beauty Magazine Writer,Sales Executive,Cosmetic Buyer,Spa Owner,Photo Stylist Cruise Line Beautician,Demonstrator,Business Owner,Microdermabrasion Specialist,Cruise Ship Personal Care Positions, Electrologist,Laser Hair Removal Specialist,Manicurist and Pedicurist, Sales and Service,Modeling Advice, Nail Technician,Personal Care Services,Reflexologist,Skin Care Specialist,Skin Rejuvenation Practitione,Esthetician in a Medical Practice.

Do you help students find employment? 

Although no school can ever guarantee employment, there are many ways that we support you in your placement. At Esthetic Institute, we have long-standing relationships with the community and have access to a wealth of job opportunities for our graduates. All the job openings that we receive are posted on the Job Placement Board. We encourage employers looking for Licensed Estheticians or Master Estheticians, Laser, Waxing or Nail Technicians, or Makeup Artists, to contact us and we put them in touch with our graduates. Our Job Placement Board is always full of offers. European Wax Center, Massage Envy, 

Can I sit in on a class? 

We will schedule an appointment that allows a prospective student the opportunity to attend a current class for one full hour. This will give you a better view of the classroom setting. 

What is the average class size? 

The average sizes of our classes are 6 - 10 students per class, with a maximum of 18 students per class.

How is the industry doing as a whole? 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the beauty and spa industry is only expected to rise in the next few years—skincare specialists up 25 percent; nail technicians up 17 percent, faster than the average for all other occupations. 

Do you do tours of the school? 

Yes, We strongly recommend touring our campus and meeting our staff and future professionals (students). Click Here to schedule your visit. 

How can I get more information? 

Just Click Here and we will call you or you can call 703-288-4228 ext 105 

When do you begin practical (hands on) training vs. lecture? 

We incorporate both practical as well as lecture from the very first day of class. Depending on the program there may be a larger portion dedicated to practical near the end of the progrma. For example approximately, the last 200 ending hours of the Master Esthetics course is a concentration of practical study to prepare you for the the State Board Exam and the Skin Care industry. 

What percentages of students pass the test? 

Our current pass rate for the State board exam, both written and practical is 98%. This pass rate is due to our commitment in grooming you for success. 

Do you teach other advanced course? 

We teach many current and hot industry advanced topics such as microdermabrasion, bridal make-up, airbrush make-up, laser hair removal and skin treatments, and master-esthetics…. plus topics that you can see listed on our program directory. 

Do you teach body treatments? 

Yes, it is part of the Master Curriculum 

Can I pick and choose when I want to attend class? 

Absolutely not, once you enroll for a course you are to attend the scheduled program. We want to track your progress to maximize your education and have you act in a professional manner. You will be informed of your start and ending dates for the class you enroll for. We do however offer a flex schedule for licensed working esthetician who are working towards the Master Esthetician license.

If I was working in the industry and wanted to come back to "freshen up" would I be welcome? 

We always discount courses as well as products for our students and graduates. The door is always open for your needs and concerns we just ask you call beforehand so we can set an appointment to better assist you. 

How do the courses both full time and part time work? 

Full time is usually daily during the week, Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:30pm, it takes about 17-20 weeks to complete (give or take holiday and school closings and extra hours) to finish the full time Esthetic program. Part time is 2 nights a week and alternating Saturdays or Sundays 9:00am-4:00pm also give or take scheduled school closings.

Do you have outside speakers come in to teach? Do you teach the business aspect? 

Yes, we have guest lecturers come in to speak with and train our students. We spend an entire Module on business practices and job skills. We also offer in house workshops about business practices and business setup. Our students also get to attend many specialized workshops at different centers. 

What products do your use ? Can I bring other products in? 

We use a range of professional products such as Dermalogica, Image, Lira and more. We also use our own Esthetic Institute products. We make sure that our students are kept abreast and knowledgeable of the leading products in the industry today. 

Will I get the same teachers that teach the day classes? 

There are different teachers for the day and for the night, however teachers do substitute for one another and you might get to experience a teacher from the day if you're a night student or the night if you're a day student. 

What kind of payment plans do you offer?

Do you accept government grants? It's best to speak with one of our administrators about the different financial aid programs which may be available to you. They'll be glad to assist you.

How long will it take to graduate?

It depends on your chosen program and schedule.

If I am a veteran or am unemployed, do I qualify for additional benefits? 

There are a number of different programs reserved for individuals under these circumstances (e.g. VA benefits, Workforce Benefits etc.) Give us a call to find out how to apply your benefits.

I am very interested, What should I do next?

Come visit us! We strongly recommend touring our campus and meeting our staff and future professionals (students). Call our admissions team 703-288-4228 ext 9105 to schedule a tour or send us a message through “Request a Visit” and let us know a time that is convenient for you. We would love to help you launch your career